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Why didn't I play all Expos and Twins?

I filled out I dont know how many ballots I for all Expos and Twins this year, knowing that really baseball was going down the tubes and we needed to do something. Obviously this years All Star Game clearly showed why the fans are ignored and why I built this site. Baseball may not be around much longer, but if you still want to do something try these sites below
Take Back Baseball
MLB Fan Strike
We The Fans
Fan Petition

For those of you who check the site every once in a while, I have been thinking about making this a more interactive site, but just haven't done it yet. Hey.... I know this doesn't have anything to do with baseball, but check out the banner ad link below. It is a download to a 3d chat world from a company I have been working for called Spid3rnet. It is freeware and doesn't cost anything. I hate to advertise, but I am just trying to get the program some exposure. Thanks!

If you have any questions contact me at voteexpostwins@yahoo.com

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